.27 Caliber Long Strip Loads

27 Caliber low velocity strip loads can be used with POWERS® P3500, PA3500, P3600, Ramset® SA270, Viper, Cobra, Rocket, XT540, Hilti® DX350, DX36M, DX451, DX460 and all other 27 caliber clone tools.

This product is compatible with BP301 and BP450. Powder Actualted Tool.

Size: 6.8 x 11 mm

Item # Description Power Package/Qty
27LS11L6 Purple Strongest (6) 100/1000
27LS11L5 Red Strong (5) 100/1000
27LS11L4 Yellow Medium (4) 100/1000
27LS11L3 Green Low (3) 100/1000
27LS11L2 Brown Lowest (2) 100/1000


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