Pop Rivets


  • Quick and easy installation from one side of the workpiece
  • Available in Dome or Countersunk Head
  • Colored head match to Pantone, RAL or sample upon request
Item # Description Diameter Rivet Length Package/Qty
AA42WBULK 5052 Aluminum alloy rivets with aluminum
1/8″ 0.275″ 10000pcs/ctn
AA42W 1000 1000pcs/box, 20box/ctn
AA42W100 100pcs/bag, 10bag/box, 12box/ctn
AA42B 1000 10000pcs/ctn
AA42B BULK 1000pcs/box, 20box/ctn
AA44WBULK 0.4″ 10000pcs/ctn
AA44W 1000 1000pcs/box, 20box/ctn
AA44B BULK 10000pcs/ctn
AA44B 1000 1000pcs/box, 20box/ctn
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