The BP307S is a Low Velocity Powder Actuated, single shot, .22 caliber tool which can be used to install .300″-.315″ head drive pins and 1/4″-20 threaded studs, up to 3” in total length. The BP307S is designed for maintenance, residential and commercial contractors.


• Conduit Clips to Concrete and Steel
• Drywall Track to Concrete and Steel
• Electrical Fixtures to Concrete and Steel
• Wood Furring Strips to Concrete
• Wood Perimeter Plates to Concrete
• Wood Framing Plates to Steel
• Hooks, Hangers and Cable ties to Concrete and Steel


• Light Weight Durable Design
• Rubber Cushion Comfort Grip
• Automatic Cartridge Ejection
• Slim Profile Nose Piece 5/8” Diameter able to access tight areas
• Simple to Clean and Maintain – Service in the Field
• Replaceable Piston Buffer for Overdrive Protection
• Replaceable Piston and Piston Stop Guide
• Meets or Exceeds OSHA/ANSI A 10.3 Safety Standards
• Meets or Exceeds PATMI Standards
• Built in overdrive precision

Technical Data

Weight: 4.2 lbs
Size: 13.75″

Powder Loads

.22cal neck down single shot loads
Brown | Green | Yellow

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